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A Travel Map based on Time

A time travel map with cities relative to Brussels

I’ve always had this nagging feeling that certain places, even though they are physically quite close, always seemed to be so far away. Further even than distant places, simply because they are more time consuming to reach thanks to a lack of direct highways or too many traffic lights along the way.

So while the shortest route between two points may be a straight line, the quickest route on the other hand is determined by the fastest mode of transportation at your disposal. To illustrate this, I created a time travel map that positions cities relative to Brussels based on how long it takes to reach them using only public transportation.

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Sex, Porn and Authenticity

A blond woman experiencing an orgasm in a Durex commercial

It looks like Durex has been very busy of late. First, we were introduced to a trio of latex bunnies taking tips from the Kamasutra. Now we are being treated to an orgasmic opera. Though this may not be one of their best creations, and certainly not as funny as the bunnies, some of the scenes in the opera ad, as seen in the image above, reminded me of one of the more peculiar sites I’ve stumbled upon on in one of my many adventures on the internet.

But before we continue, I must warn you. We are about to venture in to the shadier parts of the internet. A place where sex is no taboo and pornification runs free. A place where for every fetish imaginable, someone, somewhere, has taken the time to dedicate a complete site around it. So that no matter how picky you may be, even your wildest dreams or most exocentric desires can be fulfilled if only you know where to look. Some of you may know these parts of the internet quite well. And for those of you who don’t, now is either the time to stop reading, or maybe not.

Unfortunately, much of what we will find on the net these days is quite explicit. You could even say tasteless or downright disgusting. There are those who claim that sex has to be dirty to be good, but some of it is so extreme that I really question how it could fuel anyone’s sexual appetite. Much of it is primarily based on lust and has little to do with eroticism. But like it or not, in the last decade, even the mainstream perception of how we view and experience sex in the real world has for a large part been influenced by the porn universe. It’s as if our sexuality is determined not so much by what we feel ourselves to be right, but by what we see and read in the media. It is as if we would prefer to conform to our peers in the hopes of meeting their expectation rather then discovering what we enjoy most for ourselves. I just hope we don’t ever reach the point that in order to become a good lover, you have to sing a sonnet while you come.

So it’s always a joy to stumble across something that goes against the grain. I was left mesmerized when I first discovered Beautiful Agony. It’s one of the most erotic things I’ve come across which for a site is quite a feat. Especially if you consider that you won’t find any nudity on their site. Beautiful Agony apparently doesn’t advertise any free examples anymore that would do it justice, but you can find a few of their videos out in the wild here and there on the net.

The setup is simple. A woman, or a man, films themselves from the shoulders up while they are masturbating. All we get to see are their facial expressions as they go through the different stages of warm up, build up, orgasm and relief. It comes across as authentic and is probably one of the most intimate and vulnerable things we could ever reveal about ourselves. And it’s probably what makes these movies so appealing.

The Mayoka House

The Mayoka House

Lately, passive buildings have been getting a lot of press. The technology behind it has finally reached the point where such buildings are insulated so well, extra heating is hardly necessary. A notable example is the zero emmision Prinsess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica.  But with insulation also comes isolation from the outside world.

But isolation is generally excepted here in Europe as a good quality to have for your building. A house should protect you not only from the elements, but nature in general, such as wild animals and insects. It must keep out sounds and smells. It should afford privacy from nosy neighbors. In other words, the perfect home should keep everything out with the exception of invited guests and sunlight. So much so that we simply take this for granted.

Returning to Malawi was therefore a revelation. I had forgotten what it was like to live in an open house. You notice the difference the moment you step inside. Most of the places I stayed at in Malawi where mostly built with one goal: to protect you from the rain. People here live most of their lives outside anyway. Cooking, eating, washing, socializing, it’s all done outside. It not only makes you feel healthier, constantly being exposed to the elements probably also builds your resistance. In that sense, we are quite spoilt here in the west. I came to this conclusion when I realized I could, live, work and do my groceries without having to spend more then three minutes outside in a single day. The rest is all spent inside, isolated from the rest of the world.

The Mayoka House

The Mayoka House

Living in an open house on the other hand is like living in a tent, only with a bit more room and comfort. Even though you are inside, you can sense the changes in the weather. You can hear everything around the house loud and clear, as if you weren’t surrounded by four walls. Mayoka Village, a hostel where I stayed went even a step further. Taking a shower was a real sensation. You could do so while enjoying the view of the bay. You could even hold face to face conversations with passerby’s without fear of exposing the rest of your body. Basically, you’re half inside, half outside.

And it was inspiring. With that in mind, I’ve created the Mayoka house. It has no windows and no doors that can be opened and closed. Everything is left exposed. It simply functions as a placeholder in our lives. A sort of marker that states this is sort of the space where we live around. The layout itself is very basic. It has bed, a table, a built in shelf and a washing area that is a bit more protected to offer its occupants some privacy. But even in this enclosed area, one can always maintain complete contact with the outside world.

In other words, it’s not a space to live in, but more to live around.

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