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TEDx and the European Parliament

The European Parliament building complex in Brussels

As one Belgian – the first European to do so – handed over the command of the ISS back to the Americans, and will be returning to earth shortly after a six month stint in space; another Belgian was handing in his government back to the king, so he can prepare to become the first president of Europe in January.

And I would, for the first time, be visiting the European Parliament in Brussels. As this event pales in comparison to what my fellow countrymen have lately achieved, don’t expect to find my little excursion mentioned in any history book; not even as a small obscure footnote on page 527 or other. But I was there for a reason though. The TEDx Brussels event, also a first, was being held there, an independent spin-off the TED events that have brought world inspiration since… well, since its inception. While the official TED event is by invitation only, they do post videos online of some of their most inspirational speakers and their ideas about the world. Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t heard of it yet.

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EU Citizens Soon Won’t Need a Visa to Travel to Exotic Islands

Scene of a blue sky, turquoise ocean, white beach and a distant sail boat.

If you have been dreaming about clear blue skies, turquoise oceans, white beaches and nothing to do all day, hope may be on its way. Traveling to exotic islands as an EU citizen will soon become a little bit easier. By the end of March, the EU commision plans on removing the visa requirements for European citizens and the residents of the following islands: Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Mauritius and the SeyChelles

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