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A Place Where Ships Go to Die

Two vessels on the beach in a Chittagong ship breaking yard

Remembering Chittagong, Bangladesh

Some ships meet their fate at the bottom of the ocean. Others continue sailing, long exceeding their expiry date, or are docked as museum pieces for the generations to come. But for most ships, their demise is spelled on the beaches of the poorest nations. In particular: the shorelines of Chittagong, the southernmost province of Bangladesh.

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Animation: Alien vs. Coffee Machine

An alien appearing from a cargo bay... scary stuff

A cargo ship is on its way to some distant destination. The pilot suffering from a bad case of travel enui settles in for another day of absolute boredom behind the helm of his ship. It’s just another day in space… or is it?

Hitch a Ride on a Cargo Ship

While a cruise on a luxury ship has never really appealed to me, I have discovered a new found love for ocean travel. Great was my surprise when I discovered that it is possible to ride along with one of the many cargo ships that cross our seas. They are the unsung hero’sof our globalized world. But social commentary aside, there is something to be said about slow travel. It’s an excellent way of stepping out of our hectic lives and coming to terms with how to fill your time once you’re confronted with too much of it.

Little red ship at Neko Harbour

Where my love of ocean travel began.

Freight travel by sea also has a notorious reputation for serving really great food. With crews away from home for months at a time, it has been proved that a world class chef onboard is the best way to keep morale high for those long trips out at sea. Traveling with a freight line is not cheap however. But you do get your own cabin rather then being packed and sealed into one of the containers they are transporting. And did I mention the food?

Nowadays, there  is also the added excitement of being boarded by pirates and taken hostage for huge ransoms. Chanses of stumbling across Jack Sparrow may be slim in this day and age, but still. Imagine the stories you could tell. And believe me, if you had to choose between buccaneering with pirates or sharing a plane with a terrorist, I would go for the first.

Any way, more information about cargo travel can be found over here: http://thetravelersnotebook.com/how-to/how-to-travel-by-cargo-ship/

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