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Blog Roll

Quite a few people I know and work with have blogs too. Many of which are industry related so here is a quick breakdown:

Actionscript and Rich Internet Applications


The three dimensional world of ActionScript as seen through the eyes of DerSchame –aka David Priceless. This is an interesting blog where he not only talks about his 3D experiments, but also shows us some nice examples of his results.


Alain gives us a broader look into the world of RIA’s, keeping us up to date on new releases and issues in the world of Flex, ActionScript and SilverLight.


Rien on the other hand focuses mostly on the development side of ActionScript and Flex kitchen with tips and tricks.

Marketing / Trends / Social Media

Some Minor Issues

Steven keeps us informed on the latest Internet trends and memes from a marketing and social perspective.

I am Paddy

Paddy is our imported pure bred Irish designer. He has taken twitter to a whole new level and has used it to interview quite a few big names in the online world.

SEO Blog

Christophe explains to us the mystic world of search engines and what spells one must cast to make Google not only like you, but love you.

Project Management


Originally a developer, Bert has transformed himself into a living, breathing project manager. Having to navigate through the many minefields so inherent to project management, he details about the lessons learnt and the mistakes to avoid.



Raf –aka the Language Pimp– introduces us to the etymological rich world of language. So if you already know the walk, he’ll also teach you the talk.


Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole

Geert maintains a design related blog. And a few times a year, he also publishes his own online magazine called Giz with a portfolio of works from designers from around the world.

Michael Mlynek

Michael is a professional 3D artist and part time workaholic. Here, you’ll mostly find his realistic renderings he has made for his clients and once in a while also some stuff he has made for fun.



Two friends of mine, Karen and Wim, decided one day to risk it all and create an innovative fashion platform from the ground up. So if you love to shop, this may very well be the first place you want to start.

T-shirts with the god Shiva print