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Airline Safety Cards

sabena_safetycardssabena20boeing20747-200Sabena convair

A site that collects airline safety cards. How magically wonderful! I can’t count the times I’ve secretly wanted to actually steal one of these. I would love to take one with me as a parting memento of another successful flight through the skies. I’ve even entertained the idea of smuggling out a life vest. But I never do. I always think to myself: what if the next passenger to sit here would find himself in a dire situation. Lets say for example: the plane falling out of the sky.
It happens.
And when it does,
he would completely be at loss without his card.
And that would be so sad.

More distressing is the disappearance of the safety dance. A ritual every stewardess must perform before we can take to the skies. More and more airlines are now replacing it with safety videos. Call me nostalgic but it was those little things that used to make air travel fun. And so I’m reminded of this beautifully drawn little gem.


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